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About Us

The Dot London Domain is operated by Dot London Domains Limited, a subsidiary of London & Partners, London’s official promotional organisation. It has the full support of the Mayor of London’s office. Our vision is to create a world-class, innovative and trusted top-level domain for London for the benefit of Londoners and London businesses. The registry services are provided by our partner Minds + Machines.

When the opportunity arose in 2012 to apply for our own city domain, we seized upon it as London is always at the forefront of all things digital. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, who manages the internet’s naming system, decided to open a call for new domains to foster innovation and greater consumer choice and offer alternatives to existing domains such as Registrations for Dot London first opened in April 2014 and London has become one of the first global cities to have its own domain.

Please see Who is running Dot London Domains for more information.



We have developed robust operating policies aimed at creating a trusted and valuable domain for London.  These policies were developed in close consultation with both public and private stakeholders and relevant experts. The policies will cover the following areas:

Please see our Registries Policies Page for more details.