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Get that personal touch with Fyxer

Archie Hollingsworth and Richard Hollingsworth, co-founders of Fyxer


Who is Fyxer.London?

Fyxer is a new type of virtual personal assistant and business concierge aimed at SME’s and entrepreneurs in the tech sector. Despite communicating virtually, the assistants, or “Fyxers”, first meet with clients face-to-face to establish a personal relationship.

Richard Hollingsworth, Head of Business Development at Fyxer, said: “In order to make our service truly personal we break down those barriers that come with being virtual. We believe that personal assistance in its traditional form is from the bygone era – not only does modern technology preclude the need for an assistant in-house, it also provides a vast range of opportunities.”

Fyxers are thoroughly screened and paired with clients who have similar interests so that they can work well together. The Fyxers can help with a number of tasks, from organising emails to building a social media strategy, delivering an efficient and cost effective service that introduces valuable expertise to businesses that don’t have the relevant in-house resources.


How has having a Dot London helped?

Hollingsworth continued: “Dot London was the only logical suffix for us. Fyxer was born in London and we pride ourselves on being based in the city where our clients work and play. The whole London brand is central to our vision – the start-up and tech scene is growing quickly and a lot of these enterprises are changing the way the world works, and we want to support that.”


Would you recommend having a Dot London domain name to others?

“If it’s the right fit for your business and client, then we’d recommend using a Dot London domain name. We have taken a very small segment of the market, London, and we offer the best personal service available for that segment. We feel that Dot London is the right fit for our business and we can also promote our association with London businesses across our branding.” concluded Hollingsworth.