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Meet the Team who is Advising London


Who is Advising London?

Formerly the Blackfriars Advice Centre, Advising London is an independent advice agency that provides free, confidential and impartial advice in all aspects of social welfare law. The team’s primary focus is in debt, welfare benefits, housing, employment and immigration.


How has having a Dot London helped?

The new-look Advising London launched in April 2015 and to help support the rebranding they registered ‘Advising.London’ as their domain name. They plan to completely overhaul their website and the new domain name is instrumental to that project.


Nathan Denne, Development Manager at Advising London, said: “Feedback on our new domain name has been positive. People have been impressed and have shown an interest in the change. It is short, incredibly easy to remember and clearly conveys the name of our organisation. Using a Dot London domain also allows us to have email addresses that go alongside our new organisational name.”


Would you recommend having a Dot London domain name to others?

“I would recommend using a Dot London domain name as they’re new, innovative and modern. I would especially recommend one if it aligns with your organisational name, as it does with ours.” concluded Denne.