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The Importance of Having the Right Online Brand Identity


During London Technology Week, Dot London hosted a mixture of marketers, SEO experts, start-ups, SMEs and branding novices at the The Trampery Old Street for an event to discuss the importance of having the right online brand identity for your business to grow.

The panel included marketing and online branding experts, Tristan Wilkinson (Digital Citizens), Nick Leech (123-Reg), Andrew Grill (IBM) and Sarah Beckett (Birdsong) who all spoke about the key elements to having a strong online presence, ranging from ensuring that there’s synergy between your domain name, email address and social media handles, to understanding the language of social.

They also highlighted some common pitfalls that businesses run into, including not knowing how to utilise the power of social media and how some companies still believe that they don’t need to be online to attract prospective customers.

The overarching message from the evening was that it’s one thing having an online brand identity, but it’s another to stay consistent and fresh across all platforms. You must ensure that your digital marketing plan is in place and that it reflects your company’s vision and honesty so that you can attract new customers and retain your current ones.