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Keep Calm & Focused with doppel

Who is doppel.london?

doppel is a wearable technology that works with your body’s response to rhythm to naturally change how you feel. Worn like a watch, you feel doppel’s ‘heartbeat’ on the inside of your wrist – a slower rhythm is calming, and a faster rhythm makes you feel more alert.

Jack Hooper, Co-founder of doppel, said: “doppel creates science and design led technology that empowers people to naturally change how they feel, think and behave. Our vision is to fundamentally change the use of technology to help people improve their emotional wellbeing.”


How has having a Dot London helped?

Hooper continued: “Our target audience is the coastal United States so we wanted to utilize the London brand as one of our points of difference in that market.

“Some people are still getting used to domain names that are not .com or .co.uk, but people like our Dot London domain name, they think it’s trendy and it helps them to remember our web address.”


Would you recommend a Dot London domain name to other businesses and individuals?

“Definitely, if attaching yourself closely to London is what you want to achieve. London is one of the two most influential cities in marketing terms. We are hopeful that this connection with London will help our marketing efforts in the US when we launch in September 2016.” concluded Hooper.