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Feel Good With Yogarise

Who is yogarise.london?

Yogarise is an award winning yoga studio based in Peckham Rye’s Bussey Building. Founded by Peckham locals, Sean and Emma Hitzelberger, they wanted to share their love of yoga with their friends without the trouble of having to travel around London to their favourite teachers and studios.

Emma said: “We opened our doors in 2014, bringing some of London’s best yoga teachers to the area and growing a community of yogis. We offer a wide range of classes, at affordable prices, every day of the week.


Why did you choose to register your Dot London domain name?

“We loved that it really spelled out our location to anyone looking for yoga classes in London. Our previous web domain had the word ‘Peckham’ in it, which was great for locals, except with the Dot London domain it gives more widespread appeal. We wanted to get in there with the new domain and shout about the fact we are based in London.”


What are the key benefits of having a Dot London domain name?

Sean commented: “Having a Dot London domain name pinpoints us as a key player in the London yoga scene. It directs people coming from elsewhere in the UK, or visiting from abroad, and differentiates us from being just another yoga business (.com) or UK based studio (.co.uk). Being Londoners ourselves, we are proud to share the Dot London name.


Would you recommend a Dot London domain name to other companies?

“We would definitely recommend a Dot London domain name to other London based companies and individuals. Everyone we have spoken to have been very positive about our web address. We are proud to be based in Peckham and we are proud to be Londoners.” concluded Sean.


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