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The Vaults – London’s Underground Theatre Movement

What is

Founded in 2012, The Vaults is an award-winning venue that caters to London adventurers. It is a series of underground tunnels hidden deep beneath Waterloo station that includes The Vaults Theatre, The Vaults Gallery and The Vaults Kitchen.

Kieron Vanstone, Director at The Vaults, said: “The Vaults is an arts platform for the bold, the fresh and the fearless. Our mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others.”


How has having a Dot London domain name helped?

Vanstone continued: “Having a Dot London web address strengthens our association with the capital and it creates a useful differentiation from other venues with the same name in other cities. Some nice feedback has been that our Dot London web address seems a bit more ‘fancy’ than other ones.”


Would you recommend having a Dot London domain name to others?

“The simplicity of the address is a big benefit. For our previous web address we could only use ‘the-vaults’, so saying “the hyphen vaults” over the phone really stumped some people. As Dot London is still in its early stages it was easy to find the ideal name for The Vaults, and once it is more established, I think that Dot London will be huge benefit to businesses.” concluded Vanstone.