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Handy Tips on Understanding Digital Marketing

We partnered with 123 Reg, JournoLink, MBJ London and London & Partners to help give start-ups and small businesses the tools that they need to understand how a good Digital Marketing strategy can help them improve their online presence, reputation and visibility.

The four key elements of Digital Marketing to include in your business plan are:

Acquire – Attracting the right audience for your business through traffic acquisition techniques, such as SEO, email marketing and content marketing.

Build – Improving your online and mobile presence through web and app development, as well as mobile optimisation.

Engage – Knowing which social media strategy works best for you.

Grow – Getting the media talking about your business.


Some of the tips from our partners included:

Nick Leech, 123 Reg

“It’s really important to understand what your potential audience is interested in. If you know what’s worked well in the past, it can inform you on what you should write about in the future.”

Tet Kofi, JournoLink

“If you’re getting editorial coverage it means that your story has merit, it is of interest, and it is talking about the things that people are finding interesting right now. If you can associate yourself in that kind of editorial environment, you become a reality in the market place.”

Duncan Birch, London & Partners

“For companies starting out in social media, fundamentally you should always listen first. Find out where your consumers are, where your audience is, then understand how they can connect in a more meaningful way.”

Mahmood Al Sa’ Bari, MBJ London

“To make an outstanding website that looks, feels, and responds the way you want it to, and how it reflects your brand, I think that’s the real challenge with web development these days.”

We also have handy tips from some of London’s thriving small business community:

Louise Nicholson, Craft & Crumb

“The key thing for digital marketing I think for any small business is getting the content right. The content on your pages across all the different channels and all the different platforms, get that spot on.”

Hannah Ballard, City Hood App

“You’ve got to work out why something is working so you can then replicate it, but then keep testing until you find what works and really focus on that.”