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Some of our Favourite Dot London Brands

For a business, having a Dot London web address is a great way of shouting about where you’re based – London, one of the biggest and most business-savvy cities in the world. It can give you international credibility as well as evoke local pride in where your business was born.

It can also help with your online branding, so if you have “London” in your name, such as the jewellery brand ‘MeMe London’ who is using the web address ‘www.meme.london’, you can use your full name as your web address rather than moderating it to fit in with a ‘.com’ or ‘.co.uk’ web address.

We’ve put together a short list of brands that have strengthened their link with ‘Brand London’ by using a Dot London web address.


Half Hitch

London’s Camden Lock is steeped in gin distilling history, with ‘Juniper Street’ being one of the remnants of the area’s history. Over fifty years after the last gin production companies left the area, this past industrial glory has now been unearthed and reinvigorated with the production of Half Hitch gin, which is produced with a blend of black tea, pepper, hay, English wood and bergamot. The capital’s unique gin brand is readily available in a number of bars and restaurants across the city, including Rivington Grill, Hawley Arms and Aqua Shard.


MeMe London

MeMe London was born when two best friends decided to create a fun, flirty, feminine, fashion forward line of top quality, affordable, stackable bracelets and colourful eye-catching statement jewellery. The result is that they have created a line that is cool enough to be coveted by the fashion elite and can be worn by all.



Photo: www.meme.london

Photo: www.meme.london


Multi-award winning natural skincare brand MOA is creating ‘miracle’ potions that are inspired by old herbal folklore, which comes in the form of their hero herb, yarrow (Achillea Millefolium). This humble healing herb can be found beside hedgerows all across the UK and has been used for centuries to heal and repair. In keeping with their green and natural approach to living life, MOA are creating more miracle potions with the belief that keeping it simple is just better.


NightProwl London

NightProwl London is a luxury lingerie brand for women, offering a scintillating collection of sensual boudoir silk and lace lingerie made from the finest fabrics and to the highest quality. The NightProwl range of lingerie invites the wearer to give into instinct and unleash their alluring and suggestive nature. It’s for those who seek to let go of their inhibition and awaken their wild side.



The team at Positivitea have a strong belief in the three Ps – being ‘Present’, believing everything is ‘Possible’ and remaining ‘Positive’. They also believe in the chakras, the energy centres of the body, which are said to be directly connected to the health of the physical body and mind. By harnessing the healing power of herbs, each of their tea ranges has been specifically blended to help the smooth running of the organs associated with a particular chakra and counteract the ailments associated with any imbalance.


Shake It

Shake It is a modern brand creating products to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Their products echo the aim for what they are about as a brand – to shake things up. Their key range includes easy to use shaker bottles for juices and protein drinks, as well as studio yoga mats that have been designed with additional cushioning, support and an ultra grippy surface.


Urban Juice

Nutritionists advise us that plenty of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables are essential to our wellbeing and that fresh juice can provide a highly concentrated nutrient drink. Chiswick-based Urban Juice believe that you can have a healthy lifestyle through having fresh juice using fruit and vegetables sourced from small organic companies who help to safeguard the environment. To further strengthen their aim to take care of the environment, they bottle their cold-pressed juices in glass bottles as these are easily recyclable.