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Poppins Babysitting App: Booking Local & Fully-Vetted Childcarers

Who is poppins.london?

Launching soon, Poppins is a London Babysitting app that enables busy parents to book local babysitters in an instant. All babysitters registered with Poppins are fully-vetted and suitably experienced.

Michaela Drake, CEO of Poppins, said: “Poppins aims to modernise the childcare and babysitting industry by allowing parents to find, book, review and pay local babysitters, all with a few taps.

“Catering for the busy lifestyles of London families, Poppins babysitters can be booked as little as three hours in advance, whether it is to cover an ill Nanny, a child off sick from Nursery, or last minute date night. Additionally, Poppins babysitters can be then be saved to the family’s ‘favourites’ list to help with the ease of re-booking a familiar face next time.”


How has having a Dot London helped?

Drake continued: “We have had positive feedback about our domain name. Poppins is a babysitting service aimed at families in London, so having a Dot London web address and email is a good match. It has also allowed us to get a web domain that is more relevant to our exact company name and brand as most ‘.com’ and ‘.co.uk’ web addresses have been taken.”


Would you recommend a Dot London domain name to other businesses and individuals?

“Having a Dot London domain name is definitely useful for London based companies, or those targeting London audiences. They are currently unique, they help to make your web address memorable, and allows people to recognise instantly that your product or service is relevant to their area.” concluded Drake.