Why be a .com business when you can be a .london business? Get your .london web address.


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Get your domain right

We caught up with the team at Your Business magazine to talk about choosing the right domain name for your business and how you can now venture beyond the choices of .com or .co.uk.

Your domain name is one of the most crucial tools of your marketing strategy – not an afterthought, but a key part of your business plan.

Your web address is a portal to your business. Not only will it be on all of your marketing materials, it will also be one of the most common references people use for your business. It can influence how people perceive you and can help them decide whether they want to be associated with you or not.

“Because I have the ‘henri.london’ website, my business is slowly morphing into Henri London. I think this is attractive, not just to Londoners, but on an international scale as well.”

Henrietta Adams, founder of independent ethical clothing brand, Henri

What makes a good web address?

The ideal web address should be short, memorable and easy to understand. It should explain what your business is about, whether it’s your company name or a description of what you do. The more succinct it is, the more people will trust it. A long, wordy web address, or a vague one, can confuse some people and drive them to your nearest competitor.

The introduction of the new top-level domain names has given businesses more opportunities to get the name that they want. Rather than having .com or .co.uk, there are hundreds of alternative names for you to choose from. These include generic domains such as .shop, .agency and .law, city names, such as .london, .nyc or .paris, or brand names like .gucci, .bmw or .xbox.

“Our Dot London domain name has provided us with an opportunity to associate ourselves directly with London.”

Amber Pointer, Head of Marketing at residential property developer, Anthology

Why be a ‘.com’ when you can be a ‘.london’?

You can now strengthen your association with the capital by using a Dot London web address. Join a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs and growing London-based businesses who are using Dot London web addresses, such as craft snacking brand Serious Pig, Camden Lock-based gin brand Half Hitch, and performance arts space The Vaults.

You don’t have to be a new business to use a Dot London web address. Many of London’s most established businesses have moved their websites to the capital’s domain name, including ExCeL London, the Prescott & Conran’s Group’s hotel and restaurant The Boundary Project, and luxury health club Third Space.

When searching for a domain name for your business it’s good to look at options beyond the obvious because there are a lot of names to choose from. Think about how you can ensure that your customers understand your business and ultimately trust you so that you can build a strong and meaningful relationship with them.

Use a web address that best suits your brand, that can be used across your marketing plan and can be easily remembered. Get a web address that’s an identity, a mission statement and a reference all in one.

“We’re very proud to be part of such a diverse and liberal city and felt that Dot London went well with our brand ethos.”

David Jordan, personal trainer and director of London Bridge-based gym, The Fitting Rooms

Capital gains

A great London business deserves a great Dot London web address. Here are three reasons why Dot London can be the perfect fit for your business:

1.You don’t have to compromise. With more new names available, you can get the right web address for your business.

2. Boost your brand. Be proud of your business and your links with London’s global reputation.

3. Target the right customers. Be relevant to your audience with a local web address.

“It tells people who and where we are in an instant and feels geographically appropriate.”

Alex Jackson, owner and top chef at southern French inspired restaurant, Sardine


 The article features in the July 2018 edition of Your Business magazine.