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Meet our Dot Londoners, in partnership with Harlequins: YogaHub

Dot London has teamed up with Harlequins to help showcase some of the amazing small businesses using London’s domain name.

Some of the Harlequins players met up with YogaHub, a boutique yoga studio based in East Sheen, to find out how yoga can prepare their bodies for the high-impact & fast-paced intensity of playing rugby.

YogaHub offer a variety of classes suitable for all levels in their light and airy yoga studio.

There is something for everyone at YogaHub, irrespective of age, experience, flexibility or strength. The yoga they teach is about challenging your limits – physically, mentally and learning to breathe through it.

During their visit to the Harlequins training ground, YogaHub got the chance to go through a few yoga positions with players from the Mens’ and Ladies’ squads – Luke Wallace, Joe Marchant and Chloe Butler.

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Crow (Bakasana)