Why be a .com business when you can be a .london business? Get your .london web address.



About Us

Dot London is the official Top Level Domain Name (TLD) for the city. By owning a Dot London domain name, businesses, organisations and individuals can give their websites the “power of London” through a closer association with the city’s brand and reputation. Dot London is the domain name designed to help companies boost their profile and to reinforce London’s iconic brand status.

That’s why, with the endorsement of the Mayor’s office, London & Partners launched Dot London in 2014, securing a ten-year license to operate the domain through the subsidiary company Dot London Domains Limited (DLDL). London was one of the first cities in the world to launch its own web address and all profits are reinvested in the promotion of London.

Please see Who runs Dot London Domains Limited for more information.