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Dot Londoners in Your Neighbourhood … Peckham

South East London is rapidly becoming the area to be in, so we’ve decided to shout about some of the unique local businesses in Peckham that have chosen to use a Dot London domain name to show what city they’re


Get your domain right

We caught up with the team at Your Business magazine to talk about choosing the right domain name for your business and how you can now venture beyond the choices of .com or Your domain name is one of the most


Dot Londoners in your neighbourhood … Soho

In our on-going quest to find out more about the businesses using a Dot London web address, we found a great mix in one of the capital’s most thriving areas, Soho. From co-working spaces to creative agencies, all types of


Treat yourself to some of London’s must-visit restaurants

With the highly anticipated opening of Neptune restaurant later this month, we thought we’d have a look at some other must-visit restaurants that have strengthened their links with the capital by using Dot London web addresses. From the Basque Country to Japanese,


Magazines and newspapers telling London’s story

This week saw the launch of the new start-ups and SME focused tabloid-sized newspaper, Be Your Own Boss, which was distributed with London’s Evening Standard. An essential guide to going it alone, Be Your Own Boss explores the different start-up business


Add the power of London to your web address

We spoke to new start-up and SME focused magazine, Be Your Own Boss, about what makes a good web address and the benefits of using a Dot London domain name.   Your web address is a crucial part of your brand


Dare to dream big? How about Stay-At-Home Entrepreneur

London Loves Business caught up with two entrepreneurial Dot Londoners who took the plunge and are now running successful businesses from home.  Entering the cottage industry and balancing work from home. Did you know there are 2.9m home-based businesses in the UK,


Ditching the Big City for your Big Idea

London Loves Business caught up with some London-based entrepreneurs who decided to ditch their Big City job and start their dream business while using a Dot London web address. If you are a mid-career employee in a cushy corporate job